Weekend Wrap Up

On Friday, we said goodbye to our latest foster dog, Daisy. She was adopted and went to a home with a whole acre for her to play on. Even after she ate 50 pieces of Halloween candy, destroyed my bathroom trash and trash can, and tinkled on the carpet, I still managed to fall a little bit in love with her and tears flowed as she went with her furever family. I’m so glad we were able to help her and keep her until the right family came along!


We traveled to the triangle area to spend time with my in-laws over the weekend and to watch the Hokies play Duke. I was prepared for a brutally cold game, but instead was met with a sunny day with crisp air. I’ll take it!


We cheered loudly for our Hokies, not actually expecting the “W”, but somehow, by some miracle, we pulled it off by 1 point. These are the faces of four happy Virginia Tech fans!


Also, Wallace Wade stadium has it going on with its food choices: barbecue sandwiches, Greek Gyros, burritos, fajitas and nachos, turkey barbecue, pizza, hot dogs, Italian sausage, steak & cheese sandwiches…. I mean,  have you ever? There were so many options! The downfall was that they only took cash at most and who carries cash these days?


While Monday wasn’t part of the weekend, I thought I’d do a little plug for protecting your skin. I had an appointment with my dermatologist on Monday and came out breathing a sigh of relief as I do each year. I am terrified that I am going to end up with melanoma after my teenage years that were spent in tanning beds and many more years spent worshipping the sun on beaches. I now cover up with at least SPF 30 but more often than not, I use SPF 50. Your skin is your biggest organ and Chelsea will tell you, it’s not worth it. I am so glad to hear her latest results that there is no evidence of disease – but take it from her, not me…. the cutting, chemo and constant doctors visits? Not worth having bronze skin.

PS – New super awesome giveaways coming soon for all those who donate to the Bucket List project! The more you donate, the more chances you have to win! Stay tuned!

Friday Favorites!

After a LONG, brutal week, I am grateful for a weekend at home, dinner with friends, and a visit from my mom. First, I have to get to 5 PM tomorrow! However, since I do finally have a weekend at home and no *big* plans, I am not going to blog. I’m going to spend time with my husband, my dogs, my friends and my family and enjoy each second. So, I want to share with you some things I’m LOVING right now and wish you a happy weekend!
Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 9.21.44 PM1. My new gold Tieks. I bought these for my trip to Boston a couple weeks ago and loved every second that my feet were in them. While they are pricey, they are worth it – and well-made too, so they’ll totally hold up for all of your walking around the city! (PS- their customer service is out of this world!).

2. My DSLR that was abandoned while in grad school. I recently signed up for a course on digital photography (forever a student!) and I’m excited to learn how to really use my camera instead of just snapping random shots of my dog sleeping. Stay tuned, this blog may be infiltrated with my personal photography in the near future!

3. Iced Green Tea (unsweetened) from Starbucks. I’m obviously still holding onto summer with this one – but I can’t help it. Caffeine without coffee breath? Plus it’s a super refreshing afternoon treat.

4. Klorane Dry Shampoo – this gem came in a Birchbox just before my wedding. Thank goodness! I used it several times while on our honeymoon. Having hair that NEEDS to be washed daily is not fun, but Klorane is up to the challenge. (Secret: I can get by with not washing my hair for work and just using this!!). Also – if you’re not on the Birchbox bandwagon yet, what are you waiting for?

5. My J. Crew Peter Pan sweater – it’s actually from the Factory Store and apparently sold out now, so I’m glad I snagged it when I did. I am looking forward to a Fall spent wearing this comfortable shirt.

6. HOKIES! I am from right near Blacksburg and have a family full of Hokies (and I married one!). We are excited for the games we get to go back and see in Lane Stadium, but the ones on our couch (like tonight) aren’t so bad. Excited for college football season to be in full force and for the butt-kickin’ Georgia Tech is receiving tonight!

Alright y’all, signing off for the weekend. Go enjoy this gorgeous Fall weather we have been having. Spend some time with your significant other. Go for a run with your pup. Do what makes you happy!

The last 60 days!

Monday marked 60 days until our wedding. We could technically get our marriage license at anytime now… but we’ll hold off for a little longer. Yesterday was our 4 year anniversary – our last June 20th anniversary, as next year, we’ll be celebrating August 17th! I still remember being so nervous before our first date (and so nervous at work that I went out of my way to avoid talking to LW face-to-face). I was so giddy afterwards and so sure that I wanted to be with him – lucky me, he wanted the same thing!
anniversaryAnd here we are, 4 years later, wedding planning our little hearts out and working relentlessly on the next big steps of our lives together (more details coming soon!). I love that I have a running & hiking partner, a concert/theatre/comedy show buddy, a travel partner and someone who is always up for a quick road trip – especially to a beachy location, my own handyman, grill master, and a best friend. We have so much fun together and really complement each other with our personalities and special OCD issues. I also love that I got a 2nd dog out of this deal, because those boys, they complete us! bowtiesReady for the weekend and another shower thrown by Aunt Jill (LW’s favorite banana pudding maker!). We are excited to celebrate with friends and family and enjoy SUMMER!

Happy Weekend!

Rehearsing in Style

Shortly after getting engaged, I went on a little-white-dress shopping spree. I snatched up just about every adorable white dress you could find – believing I would have the opportunity to wear it at some point during my engaged life. My favorite, is still the “Blakely” from J. Crew, and it’s still the front runner for our rehearsal dinner. (I’m even more stoked that one of my BMs chose this dress for the wedding, it’s so chic & classy!).

Then I found the J. Crew “Ginny” which is equally as adorable, but slightly more casual, so I thought it might be good for a shower/party/bachelorette dinner? I love that it has pockets and rugby stripes!

I had a mental battle with myself when I stumbled across this Banana Republic dress. I thought for a second it might be more perfect than the Blakely, so I bought it and fell in love. But it didn’t fit… so now I’m actually selling it on eBay (along with some other fabulous dresses).
dressMy other finds have included dresses from Anthropologie, Victoria’s Secret, J. Crew (eyelet – swoon!), and Lula Kate, although I haven’t purchased the Lula Kate one yet.
RD Lula Kate

What’s your vote for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner? Obviously, I love lace + ruffles (and seer-sucker seeing how I just scooped up a darling Blakely-style seer-sucker stunner from J. Crew Factory). That should be perfect for a spring shower!

Happy Good Friday, y’all. Happy Easter. Happy weekend!