Rehearsing in Style

Shortly after getting engaged, I went on a little-white-dress shopping spree. I snatched up just about every adorable white dress you could find – believing I would have the opportunity to wear it at some point during my engaged life. My favorite, is still the “Blakely” from J. Crew, and it’s still the front runner for our rehearsal dinner. (I’m even more stoked that one of my BMs chose this dress for the wedding, it’s so chic & classy!).

Then I found the J. Crew “Ginny” which is equally as adorable, but slightly more casual, so I thought it might be good for a shower/party/bachelorette dinner? I love that it has pockets and rugby stripes!

I had a mental battle with myself when I stumbled across this Banana Republic dress. I thought for a second it might be more perfect than the Blakely, so I bought it and fell in love. But it didn’t fit… so now I’m actually selling it on eBay (along with some other fabulous dresses).
dressMy other finds have included dresses from Anthropologie, Victoria’s Secret, J. Crew (eyelet – swoon!), and Lula Kate, although I haven’t purchased the Lula Kate one yet.
RD Lula Kate

What’s your vote for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner? Obviously, I love lace + ruffles (and seer-sucker seeing how I just scooped up a darling Blakely-style seer-sucker stunner from J. Crew Factory). That should be perfect for a spring shower!

Happy Good Friday, y’all. Happy Easter. Happy weekend!

Not your average dress experience

If you recall, I ordered my dress from J. Crew without having seen it in person or trying it on and it was just as perfect as I imagined. However, this has made the rest of my dress experience a little less traditional than most as well.

Last week, I took my own dress to have it altered (instead of the shop/boutique where I purchased it taking care of all of this – many have in-house alterations). I felt a little empty as I walked away, leaving that bag full of beauty hanging in side waiting to be cut-down and made to fit me perfectly for my big-dream wedding!

When they asked when I’d like to pick it up, I was a little taken back… I’ve heard from friends that they haven’t gotten their dress until 2 weeks before the wedding or had to “borrow it” from the alterations place to have their bridal portraits done and then return it for finishing touches. Anyway, I’m going in April for my first fitting. We only tackled taking it in, the neckline and “less poof” on this first round. The hem/train will be the next piece but I have some decisions to make around that.

Speaking of dresses – I bought this beauty  from Banana Republic a while back and unfortunately it doesn’t fit – so I’m selling it. It would be great for a rehearsal dinner/shower (or any fun party you plan on attending!).

AND I just sent an awesome Monday Morning email to my BMs about Jack Rogers… ON SALE… today! Get yours here: Last Call!

I said yes to the dress!

So, remember the J. Crew dress that I fell in love with initially? The one that I didn’t order because I wanted to go to stores and try on dresses… and then they sold out… and then they got one back…. and it went on sale? Well, I ordered it, this second time around when it went on sale and it arrived last Friday in the prettiest brown box I’ve ever seen. And inside of that box, was the prettiest white box I have ever seen. And inside that box… was the prettiest wedding gown I have everrrrrrr seen!

j crewMy sweet aunt helped me get situated in the dress and then we just stood there marveling over how beautiful it was. How perfect the material was, how the neckline was amazing. Oh my heavens, I fell in love right then and there.

I tried it on again the next day when my MOH game to see me and she loved it every bit as much as I did. And this past weekend, I tried it on for my brother and sister-in-law (sorry Mom!) and they fell in love with it too (I may be speaking out of turn for my brother when I say he loved it, I think he actually said “it looks nice”).  It’s the one. I said yes. It’s mine, all mine.

And I can’t wait to wear it next August and become Mrs. White in my beautiful white dress!

Back to the beginning

When I first started my wedding dress hunt, I fell head-over-heels for a J. Crew style but hated that I couldn’t go to a store and try it on. And in my period of debating, I missed out on the sizes that I could have worn in this dress, finding that only a size 12 was left to order when I finally made my decision to just order it and try it. (Thank God for 60 day return periods!).

So I continued my search far and wide… literally, I went to stores in Charlotte, Raleigh and Cary searching for THE dress. I couldn’t find anything like the J. Crew dress to even try… and I kept battling with myself over what I thought was “the one” at all the stores I went to. However, “the one” had a few things that I didn’t love about it… 1) it was see-thru and purchasing the liner for it added $50, 2) it had a corset back and I preferred a zipper – that added another $95, and 3) I could order it hollow-to-hem for $100 extra, or just order the closest size and pay for alterations. I ended up feeling like although there was a lot that I LOVED about that dress, there was more that I didn’t love… and part of that was the extra $250 I’d be spending to make changes on what was supposed to be the perfect dress.

On Saturday, J. Crew had a sale 25% off + free shipping. I bit the bullet and ordered the dress in the only size (10) they had left. And lucky me… I got one of the very last ones because now it’s no longer available on the site, period! I am dying for it to arrive and praying that it gives me that same feeling as the other dress (with less changes to make, of course!). And, what I really love about this is that I can return it to a store if it doesn’t fit… I don’t even have to ship it back, I mean how great is that?

So cross your fingers for me and the J. Crew dress! I’m hoping that we are a match made in heaven and “Dress” can be checked off my list.

Say yes to the dress!

Thursday afternoon, I went shopping with Michelle and Gean in search of a Watters gown that Gean and I had found online (loving that we can instant message pictures of wedding dresses back and forth at work)… so we made an appointment and off we went.

Both girls, myself + the stylist at the store helped pick out dresses based on my desires and I entered a dressing room full of beautiful white heaven. The first one was a perfectly lovely gown… and had the best price tag I’ve seen on a dress ($599 with 30% off!). Can’t beat that!

I really did LOVE this dress but I don’t think it fit the outdoor wedding scene and it was kind of hot (which not being hot in August in North Carolina is going to be tough-enough without be strapped into a hot dress for 8+ hours). The next dress was just “okay” and looking back at the pictures, it kind of had a funny cut to the neckline. Not a huge fan anymore… especially not for it’s price tag.

I did like that it was a little less poofy than some that I had tried on… but again, that neckline looks funny so we had to return it to the rack. The next one was “on sale” but still over $2k which was not exactly what I was looking to spend on a dress. It had a sweet lace detail on the bottom… but I didn’t really LOVE it on me…

The very last one I tried on was one the sales lady had chosen. And ladies and gentlemen, it is “THE ONE.” I didn’t believe that there was really a “moment” that you just knew when you were trying on dresses that you had found the one, but I so had that moment. I’m completely head-over-heels in love with this dress, I can’t wait to wear it down the aisle next August. My sweet husband-to-be will probably find me wearing it and posing in front of mirrors for years to come.

No turning back…

Y’all… this morning I put down our deposit for catering, tables/chairs and our venue…. and signed the contract!
It’s official… we are 100% getting married on August 17, 2013 at The Dairy Barn. Oh my. Dreams are starting to come true!!!

Ps… I found THE dress last night. (Big THANK YOU to Gean & Michelle for accompanying me to the shop and giving me their honest opinions. I am one very luck girl to have such amazing friends!) Now just have to let mom see it and seal the deal!

Big White Dress

The dress shopping experience was a little rushed for me… as I didn’t plan to even start looking until December or January (aka when I have a break from school!). However, I stumbled across a J. Crew dress last week that made my wedding-dress lovin’ heart skip a beat! However, I live in North Carolina and the only store that carries that dress lives in NYC. But wait, that’s not the real dilemma… they only have 3 sizes left in this dress… and only 2 of which I can wear! Enter the need for an emergency dress shopping situation and a very much appreciated girlfriend who spent her Saturday zipping and unzipping me!

We started at NY Bride & Groom on South Blvd … But I did like that they let us pick the gowns and my friend was able to come in the dressing room with me. (PS – these are not your normal size fitting rooms- LOVE!).

I’ll share a few of the shots that she snapped (obviously only in the dresses that I am for sure not getting). I only tried this dress on for fun because it was super heavy and detailed but looking back at the pictures… I do kind of love it! For the right setting of course… I pretty much stuck to sweetheart style necklines but the rest of the dress was fair game. I knew I wanted to try on Modern Trousseau gowns, so we went to Hayden Olivia for those. I immediately fell in love with this all-over lace Modern Trousseau (Abbey) gown. I mean, how could you not? It was beautiful in every possible way… and light too. Since I’m planning an August wedding in the South, light is key! However, my heart (and wallet) did not love the price tag on this beauty ($3600+) so I didn’t even ask them to write it down for me. This dress had a little bit of everything, a little lace, a flower, a little ruffle, a little poof… but it didn’t quite do it for me. Honestly, the first dress I tried on was probably the most likely to be purchased. I just got an email from J. Crew though and the beautiful gown I am coveting from there is 25% off with free shipping…

To order, or not to order, that is the question!