First Look

After freaking myself out yesterday that we only booked the venue for 4 hours and the photographer for 4 hours (neither of which is true)…. I began emailing back and forth with my photographer regarding ideas for photos. We have been pinning some ideas, and I’ve been saving some others that I plan to present her with before the wedding.

But she brought up the first look question last night and my answer was “I don’t know.” Part of me would love to have a few quiet minutes with just LW and to enjoy each other and all the love of our wedding day – but another part of me wants to see his face when I walk down the aisle. Don’t all girls dream about that moment? I know I certainly have…

I stumbled across these gorgeous First Look photos (also – she is kind of making me want to do bridal portraits!). And found these on Pinterest:


first look 3  first look 4first look

I absolutely love the raw emotion in the pictures. I kind of like the idea of a “door” picture where we don’t really see each other but we can at least exchange gifts and hold hands for a moment and quietly enjoy some “us” time.

What are your thoughts on first looks? Should we stick with tradition and wait until that magical moment on the aisle?


*All photos taken from Pinterest.

Big Brother

Saturday, at our engagement party, I had one surprise for my brother. In his speech to us, he said “She’s the best sister I’ve ever had.” I’m also the only one, but back at ya, Bro. Seriously though, our relationship has continued to get stronger over the years and I know he is there for me 100%. I don’t have that relationship with my father, and don’t feel comfortable asking, or want him to walk me down the aisle. So I asked my big brother if he would do the honors of giving me away…

AND HE SAID YES! He also loved the memory foam slippers I gave him when I asked him, but I did have to clarify that he’s not walking me down the aisle in those! (But maybe a bowtie?!)

I imagine him walking me towards my future husband will give us another picture like this one, to cherish forever…