Where happiness lives!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we randomly saw and fell in love with a house and put an offer on it even before talking to the bank (who does that?). Well we got it, and our closing date is quickly approaching and we could not be more excited.

houseMoving gives us a chance to de-clutter before we get in the new place. Simplicity is something we both yearn for at home. The things we’ve found we’ll be okay without?: a fold up chair that hadn’t been used in 7 years (will get much more use in C+J’s house), framed artwork that no longer matches our colors (you’re welcome, mom), a futon (still up for grabs), a non-flat screen TV, 3 computers & a printer/scanner, 8 bags of clothes/sheets/blankets, tons of random picture frames (Aruba? Family? Florida?), and the rickety bookshelf I’ve had for too many years.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to decorate a new place. My husband owned our current home when we met, so it had already been given his personal touch (in the form of a Virginia Tech room and a green kitchen). I do love the Hokies, but I’m hoping in the new house to have an office space with less maroon and orange decor. And the good news is, my husband will be traveling, so he’ll get weekly surprises when he returns home to see what I’ve accomplished!

At the top of our list for things to do/buy:

  • A new bedroom set with a king sized bed – I’m thinking the Hemnes collection from IKEA
  • A new sectional (sadly, our 10×7 sectional wouldn’t fit the right way in the new house)
  • Trees/bushes for the back fence line for privacy – I love our neighborhood but I also love privacy, plus the dogs need something to pee on!
  • 2 white rocking chairs for the front porch (I’m also patiently waiting to hear if I can have my grandfather’s glider that is so memorable from my childhood)
  • Bikes! We’re so close to everything that we can just cruise around on our bikes instead of driving and looking for parking!
  • New furniture for our darling screened in porch:

house pI know we’ll spend a ton of time on this porch, whether for morning coffee, afternoon lunch, dinner, cocktails with friends, or any number of other reasons to be out there. We are totally smitten with this aspect of our home.

I would love to hear your favorite decorating/home item sites so I can start my search for the perfect new items for our pretty little house – feel free to share in the comments!