Making the Cut

We’ve been working on our invite list since… oh, ’round about October and I do believe that it is in its final form now. That was TOUGH. Do we invite all the great co-workers? Do we invite the college friend that was a really good friend but we haven’t talked to in years? Do we invite the sorority/fraternity members? Do we invite those people who believe that they are “best friends” with us but we consider them acquaintances? So hard.

Modern Manners Guy had a great post about who to invite to your wedding – and who you didn’t have to!

  • You don’t have to invite who your friends or parents want you to invite – it’s YOUR wedding
  • You don’t have to invite all of your co-workers (or any of them!)
  • You don’t have to give everyone the option to bring a date – maybe they’ll meet someone!

I’d like to add to his list that it’s okay to tell people their children aren’t invited. Yes, they are cute, and we like them, but we don’t want children in the mix on the dance floor or screaming during the ceremony. Please leave the munchkins at home.

I have found it incredibly rude that people ASK if they are invited to the wedding. Who does that? I feel like if you have to ask, you probably aren’t invited and if you are invited, you wouldn’t feel the need to ask. If I haven’t seen you in 7 years and have only talked to you via Facebook every 10-12 months since then, yeah…. about that.

Our plan was to have 125 people at our wedding for a quaint, outdoors affair. After a first try, our list was at 168. We tried to modify, but for everyone we removed, we added someone else. And what about the great grad school friends we’ve made? So many tough decisions with this wedding stuff (eloping is NOT off the table! Just kidding, Mom). After my biggest decision, some people helped remove themselves from my list (15 to be exact).

So as of last night, we were at 153, including our pastor and photographer. Obviously, we know not all of those will show… it will be vacation time or a baby will arrive, and we’re okay with that. But our list finally reflects the people that we want to share our big day with and we’re so excited to finally get our save-the-dates out in the mail!

We’re still in the running for winning a Sandals Honeymoon package! You can vote for us once a day here – all votes are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

Honey-do lists!

My sweet groom was looking at suits this morning for the wedding and it made my heart SO happy. It makes me even more happy that HE is MY groom.

We have also recently been discussing how we are going to integrate our lives with this marriage… bank accounts, house, etc. I’m already dreading the name-changing process, as I’ve heard it can be quite the ordeal. And not to mention, my parents didn’t agree on the spelling of my name so my birth certificate says one thing, SS card says another… should be a BLAST changing that over. But that’s for AFTER the wedding… for before, there are a few things that we have agreed on to do… until death do us part.

Also on his list is taking the dogs out when it’s cold/dark/rainy and also taking the trash out (I don’t do well with “smells”). I have solemnly sworn that I will do all future grocery shopping since he hates it with every ounce of his heart – especially since we go on Sundays and that’s the day of his Panthers (he’s so loyal!). I think it’s a pretty good agreement we’ve got worked out there…

What’s on your honey’s MUST-do  list? Any chores you’ve committed yourself to FOREVER?