Big White Dress

The dress shopping experience was a little rushed for me… as I didn’t plan to even start looking until December or January (aka when I have a break from school!). However, I stumbled across a J. Crew dress last week that made my wedding-dress lovin’ heart skip a beat! However, I live in North Carolina and the only store that carries that dress lives in NYC. But wait, that’s not the real dilemma… they only have 3 sizes left in this dress… and only 2 of which I can wear! Enter the need for an emergency dress shopping situation and a very much appreciated girlfriend who spent her Saturday zipping and unzipping me!

We started at NY Bride & Groom on South Blvd … But I did like that they let us pick the gowns and my friend was able to come in the dressing room with me. (PS – these are not your normal size fitting rooms- LOVE!).

I’ll share a few of the shots that she snapped (obviously only in the dresses that I am for sure not getting). I only tried this dress on for fun because it was super heavy and detailed but looking back at the pictures… I do kind of love it! For the right setting of course… I pretty much stuck to sweetheart style necklines but the rest of the dress was fair game. I knew I wanted to try on Modern Trousseau gowns, so we went to Hayden Olivia for those. I immediately fell in love with this all-over lace Modern Trousseau (Abbey) gown. I mean, how could you not? It was beautiful in every possible way… and light too. Since I’m planning an August wedding in the South, light is key! However, my heart (and wallet) did not love the price tag on this beauty ($3600+) so I didn’t even ask them to write it down for me. This dress had a little bit of everything, a little lace, a flower, a little ruffle, a little poof… but it didn’t quite do it for me. Honestly, the first dress I tried on was probably the most likely to be purchased. I just got an email from J. Crew though and the beautiful gown I am coveting from there is 25% off with free shipping…

To order, or not to order, that is the question!