Perfect Products

On your wedding day, it goes without saying that you want to look your VERY best. Using premium products can only help when it comes to that end goal. While sometimes it is hard to splurge on that $40 half of an ounce bottle of hair oil, the end result is well worth it. Today, I am going to share some of my FAVORITE products that I used on my wedding day (and most other days too!).


1. For limp, fine hair like mine, Pure Abundance by Aveda is a God-send. You can tell that it add volume and life to your hair right away and more importantly, it lasts!

2. Moroccan Oil has one of those “ouch” prices on a teeny-tiny bottle of product but is so worth it. I used to be terrified that it would leave my hair greasy looking but it doesn’t. It leaves soft and light. (Bonus, that tiny bottle lasts FOREVER!).


3. Smashbox PhotoFinish primer was recommended to me to keep my makeup on the entire day. While I’m sure other primers work well, I loved the way this felt on my face and the matted look it provided. And true to the claim, my makeup lasted (even through the rain!). You can get samples of this product at Sephora if you aren’t ready to splurge on the full tube.

4. I purchased the Aveeno Stress Relieving Foaming bath the week before the wedding. I tried to use it each night before I went to bed, in hopes it would help me relax and also fall asleep quickly. I loved the smell of it and think I probably relaxed a little (could have totally been psychological). It did not help me fall asleep – at all. But I am still using it and would definitely recommend it (plus it’s only $7 at Target!).

Finishing touches:

5. BareMinerals Flawless Definition mascara was a great finishing touch to blend my natural lashes with my fake ones. It was waterproof so I knew that if I cried, I wouldn’t mess up all the work that the makeup artist had put into my face. I had an Aveda makeup artist for my wedding and they don’t do waterproof mascara (not natural) so I had to get my own. I’m still using and LOVING this purchase. Totally worth $18!

6. OPI Mimosas for the Mr. & Mrs nail polish was what I originally chose for my bridesmaids and me to wear at the wedding (however, scatterbrained bride ended up forgetting the polish for the nail appointments so we went with limo scene by Essie). I still love this color, it’s subtle but girly and different from a french manicure. You can snag this color at any drug store or Target.

Would love to hear what your favorite products are for your hair, skin and nails! Share in the comments!