New Last Name!

I’ve always heard what a hassle it can be to change your name over after getting married (up-side to keeping your maiden name?). Just kidding. I’m uber-excited to be Mrs. White… but I’ll take all the help I can get with changing everything over.

MissNowMrs is a service that assists with the process of changing your name over (think SIMPLICITY) – and this bride-to-be just claimed a Groupon for their services. It’s good for another two days for all those brides out there getting married before January 2014 – go ahead and scoop it up. One less thing for your pretty little mind to worry about!

Happy Monday!

Why do I love monograms?

My sweet fiance asked me why I love monograms so much. Um, should I make a list? I think the better question here is WHO DOESN’T LOVE MONOGRAMS? I am smitten with these Jack Rogers sandals and trying to decide if I want bone/white or navy/white for my wedding day! I’m thinking I could check “something blue” off my list with the navy ones. (PS – love that it gives you a preview of what your monogram will look like!) sandalBut seriously… who doesn’t love a monogram? I have monogrammed notebooks for Pete’s sake! (and stationary, thanks, Emily Ley!) And I carry my monogrammed notebook in my monogrammed L.L. Bean bag! This whole conversation was generated over me entering a Southern Weddings & Monogram Works giveaway for monogrammed napkins. Obviously I picked our favorite color: lime green with a navy “W” smack dab in the middle for all those darling dinner parties we’ll have as a married couple. Okay, maybe we won’t have tons of dinner parties but those napkins would still look mighty cute on our table.

I also hope he realizes I’m going to have to change over all of my current monogrammed stuff to reflect my new last name after August! And I guess he missed the time when I said how I wanted to monogram our wine rack with a big ol’ W. Yeah, that’s gonna happen. (shhh!)

Honey-do lists!

My sweet groom was looking at suits this morning for the wedding and it made my heart SO happy. It makes me even more happy that HE is MY groom.

We have also recently been discussing how we are going to integrate our lives with this marriage… bank accounts, house, etc. I’m already dreading the name-changing process, as I’ve heard it can be quite the ordeal. And not to mention, my parents didn’t agree on the spelling of my name so my birth certificate says one thing, SS card says another… should be a BLAST changing that over. But that’s for AFTER the wedding… for before, there are a few things that we have agreed on to do… until death do us part.

Also on his list is taking the dogs out when it’s cold/dark/rainy and also taking the trash out (I don’t do well with “smells”). I have solemnly sworn that I will do all future grocery shopping since he hates it with every ounce of his heart – especially since we go on Sundays and that’s the day of his Panthers (he’s so loyal!). I think it’s a pretty good agreement we’ve got worked out there…

What’s on your honey’s MUST-do  list? Any chores you’ve committed yourself to FOREVER?