Hair, Skin and Nails

In January, I started taking Biotin (for hair, skin & nails). At first, I was doubling up on a 1000 mcg dose (hoping there were no lasting side-effects from that!)… and it was working, my hair was growing at an alarming rate. Then I found a 5000 mcg bottle, so I knew my previous 2000 mcg wasn’t too much. My hair is continuing to grow… and will hopefully be long enough for an elegant up-do by August.

I asked my bridesmaids their thoughts on hair for the wedding, and most agreed they would prefer simple do’s… some even offering to do their own. I am still at a loss for what to do with my own hair, but will have a trial later this month in hopes of figuring it out… and I purchased this awesomeness today to help me with my decision.IMG_5160

I also got a manicure today, which got me thinking about my wedding nails. Do I want a french manicure? Do I want gel nails? Do I want my BMs to have their fingers & toenails all matching? Right now, I don’t know. I’m kind of ambivalent about it – but open to suggestions/opinions. I do know this, I am loving this simple color that I chose today (“Creme Glaze” by Essie). IMG_5159
And now… I’m off to my last class before our mini-vacay in Florida. St. Augustine, here we come!

Hair’s the dilemma

Last Friday, I went for a dose of hairapy and was given quite the surprise, my stylist no longer works at the salon I have been going to for a year. I was not contacted with this information and I do not know her last name, so I cannot search for her. The salon acted as if she never existed… telling me that I had only seen one stylist there (year ago) which was the very first time I was there. That kind of irked my nerves, but more than anything, I started wondering… who is going to do my hair for my wedding now??

We had discussed back in November some potential wedding styles and I loved the fact that she was engaged as well! Now, I still have a good relationship with my stylist back home in Virginia but after thinking about asking her to come down for the wedding, I realized I would be paying more for her travel than I would for the hair-do.

This is really the first “set-back” that I’ve had in planning and I’m sure there are many capable stylists in the Charlotte/Fort Mill area, it’s just that whole process looming over me now of going to meet a new stylist, see if I like how they do my hair and of course, seeing what they can do with it for the wedding. Hopefully it doesn’t turn out like this:

I would love to hear stylist recommendations for the area… who did your wedding hair?!

Hair ye, Hair ye!

Everyone has been asking me what I’m going to do with my hair for the wedding. Frankly, I DON’T KNOW. I chopped my hair off about a year ago from long locks to a medium-bob and although I haven’t had it cut since August, it’s just now touching my shoulders. I don’t know how long my hair will be for the wedding – and everyone goes into panic mode when I tell them I might just wear it short. So I actually looked at a few styles that meet my only requirement for a hairstyle: covering my ears.

hair 1I like this one… minus the flower that is the size of my head. Maybe something smaller?

hair 2This one is simple and chic, and serves the purpose of getting my hair off my back in August while simultaneously covering my ears…

hair 3I semi-like this one. Not sure about the band around the head or the big ball of hair on the side, but anyone that knows me knows I don’t have enough hair to make a big ball anyway. And if all else fails, we have this gem which I believe was titled “birds nest.”

hair 4

And for my beautiful bridesmaids, I also want simple hair… loved this group photo found on Pinterest:

hair 5

Would love to hear any ideas on wedding hair for an outdoor August wedding – I’m contemplating no veil so keep that in mind. Also, any stylists in the Charlotte/Fort Mill area that are amazing that you know of  – please share!

*all images collected from a Bing search for wedding hairstyles