Baby in a Bowtie

Yesterday, amidst my last minute Christmas shopping, I stumbled over the most adorable dress for our three beautiful attendants to wear. Personally, if it came in my size, I’d be wearing it (probably not at the wedding, but at some function!).

Seriously, is that not the cutest thing ever? I LOVE the lace collar and the big bow in the back! Plus, the beige color is perfect for matching with the guys suits. Unfortunately, after many internet searches, I discovered that this dress only runs up to a 5T – and all of our girls are older (and larger) than that. Bummer – but at least now I have an idea of what I’d like for them to wear, so the search is on.

I also came upon this piece of adorableness yesterday:


How stinkin’ cute is my nephew going to be decked out in a bowtie? And how perfect is it that it’s our colors for the wedding? Ahh, love it! His mommy loved it too. So game on, the bowtie has been purchased and put in a special “wedding items” container where I’m collecting things as I come across them.

We’re working on our save-the-dates and wedding website now… so stay tuned for more gorgeousness coming soon!

PS… 4 sleeps til Christmas!

I said yes to the dress!

So, remember the J. Crew dress that I fell in love with initially? The one that I didn’t order because I wanted to go to stores and try on dresses… and then they sold out… and then they got one back…. and it went on sale? Well, I ordered it, this second time around when it went on sale and it arrived last Friday in the prettiest brown box I’ve ever seen. And inside of that box, was the prettiest white box I have ever seen. And inside that box… was the prettiest wedding gown I have everrrrrrr seen!

j crewMy sweet aunt helped me get situated in the dress and then we just stood there marveling over how beautiful it was. How perfect the material was, how the neckline was amazing. Oh my heavens, I fell in love right then and there.

I tried it on again the next day when my MOH game to see me and she loved it every bit as much as I did. And this past weekend, I tried it on for my brother and sister-in-law (sorry Mom!) and they fell in love with it too (I may be speaking out of turn for my brother when I say he loved it, I think he actually said “it looks nice”).  It’s the one. I said yes. It’s mine, all mine.

And I can’t wait to wear it next August and become Mrs. White in my beautiful white dress!

Back to the beginning

When I first started my wedding dress hunt, I fell head-over-heels for a J. Crew style but hated that I couldn’t go to a store and try it on. And in my period of debating, I missed out on the sizes that I could have worn in this dress, finding that only a size 12 was left to order when I finally made my decision to just order it and try it. (Thank God for 60 day return periods!).

So I continued my search far and wide… literally, I went to stores in Charlotte, Raleigh and Cary searching for THE dress. I couldn’t find anything like the J. Crew dress to even try… and I kept battling with myself over what I thought was “the one” at all the stores I went to. However, “the one” had a few things that I didn’t love about it… 1) it was see-thru and purchasing the liner for it added $50, 2) it had a corset back and I preferred a zipper – that added another $95, and 3) I could order it hollow-to-hem for $100 extra, or just order the closest size and pay for alterations. I ended up feeling like although there was a lot that I LOVED about that dress, there was more that I didn’t love… and part of that was the extra $250 I’d be spending to make changes on what was supposed to be the perfect dress.

On Saturday, J. Crew had a sale 25% off + free shipping. I bit the bullet and ordered the dress in the only size (10) they had left. And lucky me… I got one of the very last ones because now it’s no longer available on the site, period! I am dying for it to arrive and praying that it gives me that same feeling as the other dress (with less changes to make, of course!). And, what I really love about this is that I can return it to a store if it doesn’t fit… I don’t even have to ship it back, I mean how great is that?

So cross your fingers for me and the J. Crew dress! I’m hoping that we are a match made in heaven and “Dress” can be checked off my list.