I’ve mentioned once or twice how much I love shopping and new clothes. I’ve probably also mentioned how much my husband hates this shopping addiction of mine. So, I made a commitment in January to not buy any new clothes (inspired by Katie’s #NONEWFASHION post). Katie’s post is more about the ethics of the fashion industry (with stats to back it up), and I’m all for that, but I also wanted to try to just refrain from buying new things because I can.

Truth be told, I have more clothes than anyone needs. Especially since I “clean out my closet” every 4-6 weeks and take items to the shelter. The only compromise with this was of course, necessities. Which happened to be snow boots for those trips I was supposed to take to Boston and new tights.


Instead of shopping online or in retail stores, I visited a local consignment store and bought two pair of Banana Republic pants (wool!) – and one pair was brand new, a Gap cardigan, and a super cute blue dress with the tags still on it, all for $52. Definitely a successful day of shopping, for me and my bank account.

So, I made it through the month of January without buying anything NEW, which was the goal. Consignment shopping is the way to go. Do you know how many people take NEW clothes to consignment stores? While I don’t think I could go the whole year without grabbing anything, I do plan to continue practicing some discipline when it comes to my wardrobe and ignoring those impulsive buys, so-called “good deals” and instead, seeking out only things that I need and checking out consignment stores more often. Will you hop on board with #NONEWFASHION, too?