Be Spontaneous



My husband and I saw that one of our favorite bands was going to be within 4 hours of us (they haven’t been to Charlotte yet!), so we scooped up tickets and booked a hotel in Knoxville, Tennessee for the following weekend. We realized that we would be going right through Asheville, NC on the way and made plans to stop in for lunch and a stroll.

First stop was at Lexington Avenue Brewery (LAB) for some beer and lunch. We walked around a little beforehand but quickly decided on a place when our hunger set in. This place had a creative menu, craft beer and no wait. Triple winner.


We each got soup (roasted pepper bisque with cilantro oil for me, stew for him) and then split a couple small plates (or ridiculously large portion of bison nachos).


After loading up on some dried lavender from the Herbiary shop, we started the second leg of our trip to Knoxville. I searched for bears on the mountainside while my husband drove.


We had a great view of Knoxville from our hotel. My only experiences with Knoxville previously were one short stay for work two years ago (oddly enough, same hotel), and many stops through on my way as a kid from VA to Nashville to visit my cousin. I had no idea what Knoxville was really like!

IMG_1051We had about a half mile walk into the ‘Old City’ area, where we had planned to have dinner. I took this opportunity to play with the art in the city.


Dogs? YES. Also, can I get a replica of this for our yard?


The old city area was ADORABLE. It was bustling with people who were watching March Madness games, heading to our same concert and just out and about. The place we really wanted to go (Stock and Barrel) had a two hour wait. They served s’mores and nutella milkshakes which sounded amazing, so I debated on this wait for all of three seconds before realizing it was absurd to wait that long. Next time, Stock and Barrel, next time.

IMG_1064We ended up at Not Watsons, which was delicious. My husband had chicken and waffles, which I found to be amazing. His only complaint was that it was chicken tenders versus a whole breast. That syrup though!


I got a black bean, kale and avocado wrap which was also amazing and healthy. I felt pretty good about that choice after seeing how heavy the chicken and waffles were (but again, they were delicious). After dinner, we headed towards the Tennessee Theatre for our show.



The inside of the theatre was intricate and beautiful. And the sound…. wow. It sounded incredible. The openers were surprisingly good, although new to the scene.

IMG_1089Alabama Shakes were everything we expected and more. Brittany’s voice is even more incredible than it sounds on their records. I loved watching her on stage. She’s so passionate and full of energy and just totally rocked that place. It was definitely worth the four hour drive.



We figured we might as well explore UT’s campus while we were there and check out the football stadium. It was pretty impressive in size (compared to Virginia Tech’s Lane Stadium) but the design looked industrial and uninviting.IMG_1124
I’m sure it gets pretty rowdy in there and clearly people love going to games but aesthetically it’s not the best looking stadium.


But it’s always fun to check out other stadiums when we’re in town. Looking forward to the UT/VT game in Bristol! GO HOKIES.


We made our mid-morning commute back to Asheville with plans to stop in for lunch again. We walked around a little, enjoyed some street music and then grabbed some burgers at Jack of the Wood.


No pictures of the food because we devoured it but we did decide to make a stop in French Broad Chocolate Lounge for some dessert.


And I snapped pictures before we scarfed it down. We couldn’t decide on one thing (or even one thing EACH) so we picked three small items to share and the hubs got some coffee for the ride home.


I loved our weekend getaway and roadtrip. We saw so many things in so little time. We had amazing food, heard great music, and had lots of time together. spontaneity worked out for us on this one – now maybe I can convince my husband to take that spontaneous trip to Belize, Honduras or Costa Rica? *Wishful Thinking* But I can say that we both thoroughly enjoyed this trip!


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RINGing in the New Year!

Based on my Facebook newsfeed, I saw lots of folks got engaged this holiday season. Always a popular time. I was happy to be ringing in the New Year with my love and traveling all over NC. As I mentioned before, we spent Christmas with my family in Virginia (almost 30 people this year!).

2013-72013-8Then we spent a few nights back in our own house with our doggies, recovering from Virginia and driving before traveling to Chapel Hill for fun with my soon-to-be in-laws!2013-2

We took a sweet, little puppy to his sister that they had agreed to rescue from Charlotte. We saw Life of Pi as a family. And we celebrated Christmas with his family on the 29th and 30th, because we went to The Fearrington House on the 30th. Yum! (Hot Chocolate Souffle – aka HEAVEN – pictured below).


Then we drove to Greensboro for New Years Eve! After our J. Crew shopping spree (he loves me!)… we checked out Natty Greene’s Brewery. And boy were we impressed! They have got their act together. We love the local craft beer scene in Charlotte but Natty Greene’s blew us away. The food was delicious, beers were tasty and the staff was fabulous!
2013We checked in at our hotel and prepared for another tasty meal (man did we eat well this trip!). Landon’s childhood friend’s husband owns Nico’s in downtown Greensboro. Real deal Italian food. Seriously, the best we’ve EVER had. Obviously, I love all desserts, but nothing compares to Tiramisu… and honestly, nothing compares to Nico’s tiramisu!
2013-1And then it was on to ring in 2013 with The Avett Brothers and Amos Lee! They are so fun to watch – and so talented! Amos Lee too, what a beautiful voice. And at midnight, we were showered in balloons and confetti and we entered: THE YEAR OF OUR WEDDING!