Bridal Bliss

A week before my wedding, I road-tripped it back home to Virginia to spend some time with my sweet Paw Paw and to have bridal portraits taken. What? Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “You had your bridal portraits taken only one week before your wedding?!” I did. I wasn’t sure my grandfather would be able to attend my wedding and I wanted him to see me in my dress and I wanted him to have some feeling that he saw what others saw at the wedding. I snagged Lynsey Callahan as my photographer and loved spending the evening with her! blanketWe took the photos at Heritage Park in Blacksburg. The mountain views are stunning and the fields added even more opportunities for pictures.
crossedcolor1 I had a few ideas of my own for pictures, but I let Lynsey run with some of her own ideas, too. Your photographer has done this before, so you have to trust them a little. If you have props or ideas, take them with you. If you’ve been pinning Bridal Portrait poses since before you were engaged, print it off and share with the photographer so they can help you recreate the pose.

highlightflowersI usually hate strongly dislike photos of me when I’m not smiling but this one with the flowers is excellent. Heritage Park offered so many options for photos with old barns, fields, ponds and the gorgeous mountains. It was important for me to capture the mountains and fields in my photos. Growing up on a farm was a big part of my childhood and I hold tight to that (a little tighter now). Also, when taking bridal portraits, you should HAVE FUN. After all, you’re getting married!

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Happy Monday!

*All photos from the fabulous Lynsey Callahan Photography

Countdown to Wedding: 3 days!

Y’all… it’s almost here. I can hardly sleep from all the excitement. It’s like Christmas, but better. I get to marry my best friend, my favorite guy, and the love of my life in 3 teeny-tiny days. EEEEP!

This past week has been a whirlwind. I am officially off work now and signed off too (occasionally “off work” still means checking email). Last weekend, I made a quick trip to the mountains of Blacksburg, VA for a birthday party for one of my favorite little girls – who happens to belong to one of my favorite bridesmaids and favorite best friends.
photoI also spent one evening exploring a gorgeous undiscovered park in Blacksburg with my mom and a photographer for bridal portraits. Shhh! These were a last minute decision. My groom will surely be surprised.
photo-4My favorite part of being home was spending quality time with the best Paw Paw a girl could have. Sharing little moments with him means so much. We enjoyed a homemade eclair that I brought safely in a cooler with me all the way from Charlotte. We took a walk to look at his fields and the mountains all the way in Blacksburg. We talked about life, the wedding, and my new job. And before I left we spent some time sitting on the front porch. My heart still breaks to think about not having him here with us on this earth but my heart was full of happiness for getting to spend some uninterrupted time with him and steal a bunch of hugs while I was at it.
photo-2After Hollins’ birthday party, I had to scoot back to Charlotte to celebrate the graduation of one of our dear friends from grad school! We have both worked closely with Courtney in the past and are proud of her success. She definitely has the “favorite coworker” award from me!
photo-1And after a wonderful brunch with our awesome friend Jeff who is providing the DJ service for our wedding, we spent the evening watching The Lion King! Such an awesome production – and so fun to reminisce on our childhoods. This was our last major event as an engaged couple and our next big event is THE big one!

This girl cannot wait!