1. Etsy
Anyone who is engaged should stay far away from Etsy. Oh my bank account! I would tell you all the things I’ve purchased but then you wouldn’t be surprised when they appear at the wedding. But in all honesty, you can find EVERYTHING on here – and you have lots of different options because there are crafty people all over that can create all the things your heart desires!

2. Shop Sweet Lulu
Our straws arrived and they are PERFECT. I can’t wait to see them sticking out of mason jars all over The Dairy Barn.

3. Southern Weddings Prints
 I’ve been collecting prints and vintage frames for our wedding decor. Southern Weddings magazine has some of the cutest prints you’ll find. They just added more this week so check ’em out. Great for around the house or office too!

4. Pressed Cotton
I was obsessing over their adorable pillows and burlap perfection before I saw them at a Bridal Show but now, I’m just DYING to order something. It’s only a matter of time. Doesn’t get much more Southern than this!

5. J. Crew
It would be a shame for me to leave J. Crew off of this list. My wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, best woman dress and our incredibly handsome bowties have all come from J. Crew. I am completely smitten with their entire wedding line (obviously) – and it’s perfectly fitting that our wedding party will be decked out in J. Crew since at least half of our closet bears the brand.

I’m sure I’ll have a much longer list of these favorites by the time the wedding gets here, but that’s enough for today. Need to rest up for my half marathon tomorrow… still working on that wedding body!

A gift for my girls

I’m definitely the sentimental type, so I want to give my bridesmaids and MOH something that they will cherish and remember a wonderful day each time they use it. Prior to getting engaged, I just KNEW I was going to do monogrammed oversized white button-ups for the ladies to get ready in on my big day.

See, super cute, right? But then I got to thinking, when will they use this again? I am also a practical gift giver. I want to make sure it’s something that you can actually use instead of just something for looks. Although, now that I’m looking at this again, it is a REALLY cute idea (maybe one of my engaged bridesmaids will steal it up and do it!)

I also liked the idea of giving a simple piece of jewelry that could be worn on the day of, but also thereafter. Jewelry is always a hit and I found these adorable little necklaces on Pinterest.
gift 3

I had also considered sandals for the day of, monogrammed bags, monogrammed necklaces from Moon & Lola and engraved watches but I finally settled on a piece of gorgeousness that I know everyone is going to love! (And I have validation of it’s cuteness from the Best woMan). I’m not going to share it – for obvious reasons, but I PROMISE a picture will be posted as soon as they are revealed! Can’t wait to see the looks on their faces when they get their gift and keep smiling right on through the best day of my life!

*Shirt image from (even though I know I saw it on some wedding website and cannot place it now!)

She said YES!

Yesterday, my groom (along with looking at suits!) asked his best man to be a part of our big day. Now… this isn’t just any ol’ friend he’s had in life, someone he went to high school or college with… it’s his little sister, Logan. (I say little but she’s older than me). We both wanted her on OUR sides for the wedding, but I couldn’t think of a better (or cuter) way to incorporate her into our wedding.

I love that they are so close and have such a strong relationship. Family is really important to both of us – and we both have large families, and are very close with them. I can’t tell you how happy I am that she’s going to be his right hand (wo)man … but also a very important part of our day and and of course, our lives. I’m just hoping I can steal her away for a few major events like Bachelorette Bash 2013, cake tasting and some DIY crafting time.

Yay, Logan! I’m so happy YOU said YES.