Happy Spring!

The past 5 days have felt like Spring and have gotten me wishing that winter was really over. Alas, we are right smack dab in the middle of winter and according to our trusty groundhog friend, it will continue for 4 more weeks? (I know it’s six, but I’m about two week reporting on his shadow being seen). So, I’m making Spring happen anyway! On Sunday, we went hiking at the USNWC (whitewater center) and then I took our older dog, Bud, for a quick run.


The sun felt amazing as we trekked through the trails. It was almost 70 degrees! In February! Reminds me of when I lived in Florida and it was so warm on my birthday in January that some of my sorority sisters and I went to sit on the beach and just enjoy the beautiful day.


We are so fortunate to have the USNWC so close to home. It is such a great place to go for a run or hike or even mountain biking (although I’m far too scared of the drop offs to try it!). Plus, I love escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city. The USNWC is like a whole different world.


Since it feels so much like Spring, I ordered a new workout which is going to help get me ready for the beach. I loved the original 21 Day Fix so much. I’m super excited to see how 21 days with Autumn Calabrese and the #21DFX go! (PS, if you want to join in, leave a comment and let me know! We have a great accountability group that will start on 2/16 and keep you on track with others who are doing the same program!).


Yesterday, I scooped up these beauties to brighten up the dining room and also put a vase of them in the kitchen. Tulips are always our first sign that spring is right around the corner. Since we still have 37 days until it’s ACTUALLY spring, I’m going to spend my time enjoying the sunny days by being outside, enjoying bright flowers inside and dreaming of warmer weather.