Be purposefully kind.

Who has signed up for a challenge for 2014? Perhaps you’re drinking 30 days of green smoothies? Eating clean for 100 days? Working out for 30 minutes a day for 30 days? Well those are great and I support them all (especially the green smoothies – they are DELICIOUS!). But I think if you’re going to challenge yourself, why not make it for the good of you AND others? Why not challenge yourself to be more active in your community? Donate $5 a month to a charity? Why not challenge yourself to do ONE thing each month that benefits someone else? It can totally be on top of your healthy eating and exercising.

I’m thinking 12 acts of kindness on purpose. Random acts are fun and certainly brighten the day of the receiver, but I’m kind of a planner, and I love really thoughtful, practical gifts – so that’s my plan for 2014. I’ll share each month what I’m planning to do and how I carry it out.

Some of the ideas floating around in my head are collecting cards for someone who could use a boost, some encouragement, some hope and delivering them all at once (similar to Help Letters). Gathering gift cards that you aren’t going to use or have a balance on them (you know those random ones you get from time to time that just collect dust?) and giving them to someone who would love to go out to dinner or buy a new outfit just because. Buying water, protein bars and some other necessities for someone in need (I try to keep some of these things handy in my car in case I see someone standing on the side of the road asking for help). You get the hint…

I’m all for the little acts, like buying Starbucks for the car behind you in line. I do this quite often actually. You’ll make two people’s days by doing this – yours and theirs! So if you’re in for this challenge, let me know. Leave your ideas in the comments sections so we can share and build off of each other’s creativity. Let’s make 2014 a great year – for those around us, too!

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