I’m April Kepner

Any Grey’s Anatomy fans out there? Yeah, I’m still watching that show. Got addicted in college and still incorporate it into my Thursday night routine (or Friday/Saturday thanks to DVR or Hulu). Anyway, I finally got around to watching last week’s episode last night and it was a pretty easy comparison to make when Kepner told her 3 sisters that they were no longer going to be her bridesmaids. I guess I’m not the only one who makes those big decisions. However, since it was her sisters, I’m guessing they won’t opt out of her wedding day, or life (and if we’re being honest, it’s a TV show and not real life). I did talk to several people back when I was still planning my wedding, and it’s not all that uncommon apparently to have changes to your wedding party. The reasons tended to be different in each situation but it happens. Life goes on. And hopefully, friendships/relationships aren’t ruined in the process, but occasionally they are.

Anyway, I also think I could be Dr. L in Mindy Kaling’s show “The Mindy Project”. I just love her. Reading Mindy’s book, I laughed out loud, a lot, and I do the same with her show. I also am finding myself rooting for her and her relationship with Cliff. Just saw today that there are no new episodes until January, so I guess I’ll have to find another way to occupy my Tuesday nights.

I’m 100% addicted to the show Nashville. I remember scoffing at the idea of it when it first came out, but after watching two recent episodes, I spent one of my sick days on the couch catching up on every episode and I am a fan. Who knew Hayden Panetierre could play a part like that?

Have I mentioned how much more TV I am watching now that we have Hulu and Netflix? Oh, tons. We got rid of our cable a few months back (don’t worry, we’re still able to watch sports through ESPN-go, and news & basic shows with our antenna), but I swear I’m watching more TV without cable than I ever did when we had a package! I flew through Orange is the New Black and cannot wait for Season 2 in 2014. I’m still addicted to Parks and Rec (although this is clearly the last season), Scandal is basically an obsession – I hate waiting a whole week to see the next episode (wish Kerry Washington was my BFF so she could share all deets with me for upcoming shows), and since we haven’t found a show to replace Breaking Bad for us, we’re using Saturday Night Live. Slightly devastating to find out Seth Myers is leaving, but they have a solid cast right now and have had some good hosts lately.

So I’m basically your blogging TV guide today (for guilty pleasure shows anyway). I really just had to chuckle a little at the similarity in myself and April Kepner last night and thought I’d share for anyone else who didn’t make the connection. Would love to hear if you have any must-see shows that you’re loving right now. Maybe I’ll add another one to my already-too-long docket.

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