That’s not my name

I wish I could tell you how frustrated I am with changing my name. When I first took time off work to do it, was the day the government shut down (thanks a lot) and the two additional times they were closed. You can read more about that here, but basically, I’m going to be stuck with my maiden name forever at this rate.

We are finally almost done with our “thank you” notes from the wedding. Someone (thoughtful, little ol’ me) wanted to send out some pictures to folks with their cards but our envelopes weren’t big enough and we had to order more. So now that those are here, we can finish up that task this weekend and be done with notes for a while!


Our calendar is quickly filling up with weddings for next year, May, 2 in June, September and October. I’m sure at least a couple more will be added. There is also one in April but it’s in the Bahamas and with planning our own European vacation and also (hopefully) a trip to Colorado, I’m not sure a tropical trip is going to happen. We are looking forward to beach time with our families and still very much looking forward to the holidays. I got this adorable print from Craft & Candor yesterday which will proudly be displayed as we host our first Thanksgiving.
Also, this weekend we celebrate 3 months of marriage. Hard to believe it’s going by so quickly, but still as happy as can be!
3m  3m2

Natural Pool, Aruba

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