No-Shop November!

Holy cow! I cannot believe it’s already November. I can’t believe it’s been 2 months today since we said goodbye to my sweet Paw Paw. I can’t believe that we are hosting our first Thanksgiving this year (and I only have 27 days left to prepare!). And I can’t believe that it’s officially no-shave November! no shave novemberJust kidding. I couldn’t resist posting this after finding it yesterday when sifting through hundreds of Halloween pictures shared with my college roomie (MOH). This was one of the “conservative” nurse costumes available when we were in college. These days, I search for the warm costumes, or the funny ones, or at least something that covers my skin (e.g. Thing 1 and Thing 2, Mario & Luigi, Pacman & Mrs. Pacman, etc.). I will not be growing a beard this month, although I’m sure my husband will continue letting his grow.

I am going to participate in No-Shop November. I got my friend Courtney on board the other night. Basically, this means that when I go in Target, I will leave with what I went in for and not running clothes, new pajama pants or shirts for work. I won’t “swing by” the mall on the way home and I won’t spend time in the evenings browsing online (please stop emailing me this month, J. Crew and LOFT).

I will buy for others this month while we approach Christmas (and birthdays for both of our mothers!), but I won’t buy extra little things for me. I’m excited to see how much I actually save this month. I’m sure will let me know that I didn’t break the bank with a shopping spree.  And I’m sure my husband will be happy to hear that, as well. Mostly, I just want to stop buying things that I don’t have to have or need. I’m lucky enough to be able to buy the things that I want, but I don’t always need to make those purchases.

Speaking of Christmas, I plan on sponsoring someone through Hope Match this year, to help make their Christmas a little brighter than it might be otherwise. If you’re financially able and have a big heart, you should consider this as well. You can be matched with an individual, couple or family based on the size of your donation and you get to pick out the gifts for the family. While I didn’t grow up in need, I did grow up with a single mother and I now realize it can be hard to buy all the new things that your children are asking for when living on one salary – and what parent doesn’t want to make their child’s holiday happy? If you can’t sponsor a whole family, you can make a smaller donation which Hope Match can use to help a family in need. It’s a really great organization and you can count on your gift – of any size – being very much appreciated.

Anyone else joining me and Courtney in No-Shop November? Can you resist the urge for 30 days to buy superfluous things that you don’t NEED?

Happy November, y’all!

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