10 sleeps!


Holy cow! 10 sleeps until we are MARRIED! I figured it was only appropriate to use a Braves jersey to symbolize this number since this is our first year not going to a game together and we LOVE going to Braves games (luckily, I was able to sneak one in on a work trip earlier this year). Not getting to go to Braves games is probably the most upsetting part about us no longer moving to Atlanta. But let’s talk about HAPPY stuff! We are getting MARRIED!!

We made a to-do list yesterday with the help of our coordinator and will be checking things off one-by-one (quickly instead of slowly). I confirmed my make-up for the day of and my trial. We confirmed shuttle times. Updated our day-of timeline. And our awesome wedding party gifts arrived. With the exception of a few minor purchases left, we are well on our way to being DONE with planning and being able to sit back and relax!

Cannot belive it’s FINALLY here! Cannot wait to marry this handsome guy. Next time we’re all gussied up will be for OUR WEDDING!

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