I discovered that Anthropologie now has a wedding line – BHLDNΒ – and not just for brides, but bridesmaids, gifts, mother of the bride, lingerie, and decor! I was totally entranced upon making this amazing discovery and spent hours flipping through internet pages of awesomesauce. Seriously, if my wedding wasn’t 17 days away, I’d be searching here for the perfect pieces!

One of my FAVORITE dresses is the Luella, but I also love the Swan (which happens to be on major sale)! That bow! I die! Check out all the dresses for the bride from BHLDN.

Swan (back)
Swan (back)
Swan (front)
Swan (front)

They also have insanely cute bridesmaid dresses starting at just $200! Think: WEAR AGAIN.

I spent the majority of my time on the gifts page, digging through gorgeousness and swooning over all the options. I am in love with this vintage monogram kerchief! What a great gift for mom(s), grandmothers, or even your bridesmaids!
kerchiefI couldn’t decide what I loved most on the decor page, so I’m including a sample of some of the items. Everything is adorable and fairly reasonably priced. Anthropologie always has the neatest stuff, so I was pleased to see that BHLDN carried that over into their wedding line.
cakeaccSo, set aside an hour or two and go dig around on this completely adorable website. If you’re planning a wedding in the near future and don’t want to be super traditional, this is a great place to find your goods.

Happy Wednesday! Oh, and did I mention, only 17 itsy, bitsy days until THE BIG ONE? eeeep!


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