répondez s’il vous plaît

If I know anything from my 7+ years of French, it’s what “répondez s’il vous plaît” means. And if I know anything from being a bride, it’s how important it is that people RSVP in a timely manner.

We are now less than 4 weeks out from our wedding (3 weeks & 6 days to be exact), and our guests have until this coming Friday to RSVP to our big party. Thus far, we have 71 confirmed guests, which is great, but still only about half of the guests that we invited. While I enjoy the fact that they are trickling in and I’m not having to spend hours at a time adding names to our spreadsheet, I’m getting slightly anxious about those that have not responded.

We made it pretty easy on our guests by using postcards that were pre-stamped. Only a simple check to confirm they are attending, filling in of the name and number of guests required. And did I mention that we used adorable stamps?
rsvp_id rsvp_tgI am particularly fond of the wedding-spirit stamps that we used and ordered from Zazzle. They were also the exact postage for postcards, unlike the flower stamps which are Forever stamps and actually more postage than needed for our postcards. (Add that to the list of things you never thought of before you planned a wedding!). However, we did get complimented on our use of the flower stamps, and my fleur and garden loving husband-to-be was a big fan of them.

So here we are finalizing schedules, picking up last minute items, paying vendors and patiently waiting for guests to RSVP. I keep saying I’m not going to chase people down for RSVPs (see photo below), so, my hope is that when I return from my work trip this week (eeek! New job!), we’ll have a bundle of RSVPs to be added to our list and I can relax a little.

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