100 days til “I do”

100 days copy

Today marks 100 days until the BIG day. I’m sure there are a million things I should be thinking about, but I’m focusing on getting fit. Not that I’m not in decent shape, I’m “petite” by all standards and my co-workers swear I have the metabolism of a child, but I want to have that toned body that all brides want.

Sometime around Christmas, I signed up for FlyWheel, which I fell in love with from day one. I also purchased a FlyBarre class, to give it a shot. I started doing yoga, semi-regularly, and lastly, I signed up for 2 “long” races – a half marathon and a 10-miler. I thought a combination of these things would help me achieve the “wedding body” that a bride wants: toned arms, flat stomach and of course, a healthy look.

Sadly, I was so busy with grad school classes that I hardly trained for either of my “long” races, and although I completed them, that’s pretty much all I got out of signing up for the race. I have only been to one FlyWheel class (again, the time thing!), and I’ve yet to try FlyBarre. I also haven’t had time for yoga, on top of searching for a new studio due to some changes at the one I had been attending.

Now that I have graduated, and the countdown is on, I am kicking it into high gear with the working out. I’m running daily and promising myself to do fitness classes at least 3 times a week, and yoga too. On days I can’t get outside (or to the gym due to work travel), I’ve been doing Insanity or other work out DVDs. So I’m hoping to achieve my goals well in advance of the wedding, but also considering a personal trainer at the 2 month mark if I’m not seeing the results I want.

But I’m determined, and it’s not like I haven’t been a workout fool in the past. So here we go, start the countdown and start the calorie burning!

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