Party for the Lovebirds

This past weekend, my soon-to-be in-laws hosted a party for us with many of my fiance’s old family friends and many new friends as well. It was so nice to meet all the people that I’ve heard him talk about growing up with – and put faces with names.
DSC_0001It turned out to be a gorgeous day. We felt so blessed being surrounded by all of these nice folks who were so happy to celebrate US. My darling mother-in-law to-be and sister-in-law to-be cooked all of the delicious goodies that were served (and immediately scarfed up!).
DSC_0012It’s also been awesome being able to have our families together throughout our engagement. My mom drove down from VA to hang out for the afternoon and celebrate with us. We’re lucky to both have families that love us so much! And of course, I’m thankful for my MOH who has made an attempt to be at all of our events and this one happened to be on her home turf so she didn’t have far to travel.
DSC_0006The kids were a favorite part of the day for me, I loved playing with all of Landon’s cousin’s children (don’t read too much into this, we’re waiting for a WHILE).

So many things are happening this weekend, my groom is headed off on his bachelor party in the mountains, I have a hair trial and dress fitting which my mom is coming down for, my bridesmaids have been working diligently all week on booking the perfect bachelorette party spot for me. This is such an exciting time, and only further reminds us of how lucky and how loved we are. We are so thankful for everyone that has been a part of our engagement and our amazing families… and of course, I’m thankful for my darling groom.


Happy almost weekend!

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