Busy Bride-to-be

I have been a bad blogger this week due to an illness that has had me on the couch for 5 days straight now (and to 2 doctors appointments!). I was also finishing up my last grad school presentations and papers this week, and simultaneously knocking out some wedding planning. Quick list of things accomplished this week:

  • Shuttle for guests to and from hotel to venue
  • Room for getting ready + wedding night hotel room booked
  • Hair trial and dress fitting scheduled for April 27th
  • Ordered MORE sample invitations (future hubs is not a fan of any of them!) <– post coming soon about this!
  • Found lots of options for Bridesmaid shoes – no winner though!
  • Best woMan got her shoes for the wedding (and loves them!)
  • I got my shoes for the wedding in the right size!
  • Got our invoice for tables/chairs/linens for the wedding & reception
  • Booked the coordinator
  • Decided on rehearsal dinner place and menu!
  • Booked rehearsal for wedding

I might be sick but we were still productive. Of course, I had help in all of these things – BMs, MIL-to-be, hubs to be, SIL-to-be…

Speaking of all these people “to-be” in my life, my sweet soon-to-be in-laws have planned a party for us this weekend in Chapel Hill. So looking forward to it (and the raspberry champagne punch!).

Happy weekend!

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