Hair’s the dilemma

Last Friday, I went for a dose of hairapy and was given quite the surprise, my stylist no longer works at the salon I have been going to for a year. I was not contacted with this information and I do not know her last name, so I cannot search for her. The salon acted as if she never existed… telling me that I had only seen one stylist there (year ago) which was the very first time I was there. That kind of irked my nerves, but more than anything, I started wondering… who is going to do my hair for my wedding now??

We had discussed back in November some potential wedding styles and I loved the fact that she was engaged as well! Now, I still have a good relationship with my stylist back home in Virginia but after thinking about asking her to come down for the wedding, I realized I would be paying more for her travel than I would for the hair-do.

This is really the first “set-back” that I’ve had in planning and I’m sure there are many capable stylists in the Charlotte/Fort Mill area, it’s just that whole process looming over me now of going to meet a new stylist, see if I like how they do my hair and of course, seeing what they can do with it for the wedding. Hopefully it doesn’t turn out like this:

I would love to hear stylist recommendations for the area… who did your wedding hair?!

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