I thought today’s post would be about food, especially since we were both starving after talking about food with our caterer. Y’all get ready, our wedding food is going to be DELISH! But today… I’m going to talk about our honeymoon.

We have been ALL over the place with where we want to go… I started with a hut in Bora Bora which was countered by Europe/Greece from my sweet Fiance. Then, I compromised with 2 islands in Hawaii (Maui & Kauai) so that we could do the exploring that he wanted, along with the butt-in-the-sand time that I wanted, and was countered with several options in the Caribbean. With it being August, I’m hesitant to visit ANYWHERE in the Caribbean, even though my favorite co-worker tells me Aruba is far enough out of the hurricane belt that I shouldn’t have to worry about anything. We both LOVE the idea of the Galapagos Islands (flora + fauna + GREAT WHITES, oh my!) but it appears to be next to impossible to find lodging there.


We have ruled out Jamaica, Bahamas and anywhere in Mexico since we’ve traveled there before. Although each of them have their pretty and near perfect spots, we don’t feel the need to revisit any of them.
37423_640368798943_6875587_nLuckily, we still have time to make this decision. A timeline in Carolina Bride magazine recommends booking 4-6 months in advance. Our countdown is at 6.5 months and I’m not feeling TOO much pressure on this issue. Now that we’ve knocked out the catering, our next task is the flowers. And your next task is to vote for us to win this trip to the Caribbean from Wedding Paper Divas + Sandals. If we win, you will have helped select our honeymoon destination – but we need your help to win! All you have to do is click here, “like” Wedding Paper Divas on Facebook, and then click “vote” once a day for the rest of the week. Got it? Ok, go! (and thank you in advance!)


4 thoughts on “Honeymooners

  1. Girl, I’ve traveled the world. Caribbean, Mexico, Thailand and beyond and my favorite place hands down are the Greek islands. Friendly people, great B&Bs, warm water, amazing food, enough history to explore, sailing between islands, motor skooter around the island, sunsets overlooking the ocean from a island cliff bar, I could go on and on. It would be my vote all the way.

      • The island of Hydra was amazing. They don’t have vehicles on the island so donkey’s help with your luggage up the hills. We hiked to a secluded monastary on this island and it was fantastic. The monks left little sweets out for us because they saw us! Hydra is a short boat ride from Athens on the hydrafoil.

        Santorini is picturesque, and the typical “Greek island”. It’s a plane ride so a bit more to get there but gorgeous!

        There are many uninhabited island to hike around or have a private beach!

        Most of places we stay now are through VRBO which I would recommend 100%.

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