How fitting!

My left hand is bare as my ring is off being sized to fit my tiny ring finger. Feel a bit naked without it… and I may have tried to point to it yesterday when telling someone about it, only to realize it wasn’t there. Whoops. I did get sized, before my groom purchased my big sparkler, but I even knew then that size 5 was a tad big on my finger because my other rings were loose. I definitely recommend being sized and knowing how it should fit before purchasing.

We took a trip to Diamonds Direct back in the summer (your fingers are more likely to be swollen in the summer) and checked out the styles I thought I liked… and used it as an opportunity to get sized. I had spent (countless) hours on websites creating the perfect ring. I had a stunning $20,000 sparkler created on the Tiffany website. Enough to break the bank, but quite possibly totally worth all that gorgeousness being on your hand to stare at day after day. A friend at work emailed me about the Tacori website one day and said you could “virtually” try on rings. Um, awesome? Another website to create your own ring on is Blue Nile which has all the offerings of other jewelers online, but a lower price tag.

I knew I wanted a round cut but beyond that… I was clueless. I thought I might want a halo? They all looked so pretty online, but until I actually tried them on, I had no clue what I really wanted. Some swallowed my hand, almost touching my knuckle. Others, looked too “old” or smaller than I had hoped for. I ended up picking 3 styles that I really loved and leaving my future husband with those in mind.

Some people said it took the surprise away by going to look at rings, but it didn’t. I was still completely shocked when he asked, and blown away by the diamond he put on my hand. It was necessary in my mind, because we had totally different ideas about what would be “cool” and since I have to wear this every day… I wanted him to know my personal style. He ended up creating my ring all on his own, and it is absolutely perfect.


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