New Year, New Plan

There’s a lot that I could put in this post but I’m going to limit what I have to say. Instead of doing new years’ resolutions, I decided, I will have a new plan for the year. I will do more than I did last year. And my “word” for the year – is PATIENCE.

Patience will be important this year as we continue to forge ahead with wedding planning, as I let go of the reigns when other people want to plan things, and as we make major life decisions together. Patience is going to be very important. In a time where I feel I could be very selfish and want the focus to be all about me, I’m deciding to try to focus on others (including pets!).

My plan for doing more, is for doing more for others. I have everything I need in life. I have a great family, great friends, a wonderful wedding party, sweet puppies, a great job, and love. I have all that I could ask for – but so many times, especially lately, my eyes have been opened to those that are not as fortunate.

Late in the year (2012), I learned of Adele, a pit-bull that had been used as a bait dog and was found badly injured and in need of help. Dogs are my weakness, so I donated to her care. This story broke my heart, that someone could do this to such an innocent creature, but also that when she was found, she was so sweet to her saviors. She still had hope that people could be kind and love her. I’m keeping up with her story and her recovery.

Also, someone brought up the point that around the holidays, meals are given to families who cannot enjoy a typically Thanksgiving or Christmas meal – but this year, a particular shelter realized that they provided wonderful meals to people that they could cook and enjoy in their own homes, but many of the people did not have the proper materials to do so. They didn’t have a turkey pan! Such a simple thing to buy but something many of us wouldn’t think of. So this year at Thanksgiving, we’ll be donating lots of aluminum turkey pans to this shelter!

This past week, we went to an event for United Way Young Leaders where they were collecting kid’s coats. My cousin is rapidly growing, so her mom sent 4 coats to be donated. While we were there we were fortunate enough to meet the creator of Hands N’ Feet Foundation who explained to us the good deeds that they do. Being a cold natured person, I was immediately drawn to helping them in whatever way I can. I first tweeted to my current school that there are volunteer opportunities available – and then I worked to set up a drive at my office where we can collect items for the homeless.

We are meeting with our caterer next week… I’m going to see if after the wedding we can give the leftovers to a local shelter. I’m open to ideas and opportunities to help. I’m ready to do what I can this year to give back to others, when so many are focusing on me!

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