Professional Bouquet Catcher

Thought I would share something fun for this Friday post!

Before I was engaged… I was a professional bouquet catcher. Yes, you read that correctly. I was always the one that caught the bouquet (and my sweet groom was always to be found in the bathroom when they were tossing the garter!)

professional bouquet catcher
That’s me in the pink, the yellow and the turquoise stripes… yes diving, becoming double jointed to catch the bouquet as it whizzed by my head and running ahead of the rest of the pack. These weddings just happened over the past couple years, but I’ve caught somewhere between 5-10 bouquets, including at my aunts wedding when I was in like 5th grade (pretty sure I was not going to marry my 5th grade love).

Now it’s going to be MY turn to throw MY bouquet at MY wedding (eeek!) and our venue has a very special request regarding where I toss it from. On top of the silo while the rest of the world has their feet planted safely on the ground!

I promise I won’t try to have a trust fall first… y’all get ready, this is gonna be FUN!

Why do I love monograms?

My sweet fiance asked me why I love monograms so much. Um, should I make a list? I think the better question here is WHO DOESN’T LOVE MONOGRAMS? I am smitten with these Jack Rogers sandals and trying to decide if I want bone/white or navy/white for my wedding day! I’m thinking I could check “something blue” off my list with the navy ones. (PS – love that it gives you a preview of what your monogram will look like!) sandalBut seriously… who doesn’t love a monogram? I have monogrammed notebooks for Pete’s sake! (and stationary, thanks, Emily Ley!) And I carry my monogrammed notebook in my monogrammed L.L. Bean bag! This whole conversation was generated over me entering a Southern Weddings & Monogram Works giveaway for monogrammed napkins. Obviously I picked our favorite color: lime green with a navy “W” smack dab in the middle for all those darling dinner parties we’ll have as a married couple. Okay, maybe we won’t have tons of dinner parties but those napkins would still look mighty cute on our table.

I also hope he realizes I’m going to have to change over all of my current monogrammed stuff to reflect my new last name after August! And I guess he missed the time when I said how I wanted to monogram our wine rack with a big ol’ W. Yeah, that’s gonna happen. (shhh!)


Today is my BFF’s birthday. I luckily, although unexpectedly, got to spend last weekend with her eating cupcakes, drinking wine and watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It was her idea of a perfect evening and those cupcakes were darn good!

It got me thinking about all of our college birthdays that we celebrated together and boy were those fun! 3-night celebrations or full blown wear-a-costume-or-get-out parties. Sarah and I have spent the past 6 or 7 years laughing hysterically with each other and hugging it out when one of us was crying. Someone once described us as “Hard to handle alone, unbearable together” … I’d like to think we were just the life of the party in college.

MOH - Sarah

Regardless, we have lots of memories over the past 6 or 7 years and I am still totally excited about her being my MOH. I have several BFFs but only one MOH!

Now… take a second to leave a comment wish this pretty lady a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


So William and Kate are expecting and I couldn’t be happier for the most perfect, royal couple; however, one prediction said their little royal baby would be born in August 2013 based on timelines of other royal buns in the oven and that is just unacceptable.

August 2013 is MINE. Yes, the whole month! Haven’t you ever celebrated your birthday month? Well August 2013 is giong to be my wedding month. I mean, I do fully intend on taking off work before and after the wedding, so I’ll practically be wedding-ing it up the whole month anyway.

So while I hope for a safe and uneventful pregnancy for Princess Kate going forward… I hope she knows that in August of 2013, I will be the focus and I WILL BE THE PRINCESS.