Professional Bouquet Catcher

Thought I would share something fun for this Friday post!

Before I was engaged… I was a professional bouquet catcher. Yes, you read that correctly. I was always the one that caught the bouquet (and my sweet groom was always to be found in the bathroom when they were tossing the garter!)

professional bouquet catcher
That’s me in the pink, the yellow and the turquoise stripes… yes diving, becoming double jointed to catch the bouquet as it whizzed by my head and running ahead of the rest of the pack. These weddings just happened over the past couple years, but I’ve caught somewhere between 5-10 bouquets, including at my aunts wedding when I was in like 5th grade (pretty sure I was not going to marry my 5th grade love).

Now it’s going to be MY turn to throw MY bouquet at MY wedding (eeek!) and our venue has a very special request regarding where I toss it from. On top of the silo while the rest of the world has their feet planted safely on the ground!

I promise I won’t try to have a trust fall first… y’all get ready, this is gonna be FUN!

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