So William and Kate are expecting and I couldn’t be happier for the most perfect, royal couple; however, one prediction said their little royal baby would be born in August 2013 based on timelines of other royal buns in the oven and that is just unacceptable.

August 2013 is MINE. Yes, the whole month! Haven’t you ever celebrated your birthday month? Well August 2013 is giong to be my wedding month. I mean, I do fully intend on taking off work before and after the wedding, so I’ll practically be wedding-ing it up the whole month anyway.

So while I hope for a safe and uneventful pregnancy for Princess Kate going forward… I hope she knows that in August of 2013, I will be the focus and I WILL BE THE PRINCESS.


2 thoughts on “I’M THE PRINCESS

  1. I know exactly how you feel about August being YOUR month. Landon and Prince William were born in the same month. I remember keeping up with Diana’s pregnancy and thinking that my prince’s birth would be the real highlight of June 1982 . . . and it was. Can’t believe the nerve of the Royals for trying to upstage your wedding. 😦

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