Honey-do lists!

My sweet groom was looking at suits this morning for the wedding and it made my heart SO happy. It makes me even more happy that HE is MY groom.

We have also recently been discussing how we are going to integrate our lives with this marriage… bank accounts, house, etc. I’m already dreading the name-changing process, as I’ve heard it can be quite the ordeal. And not to mention, my parents didn’t agree on the spelling of my name so my birth certificate says one thing, SS card says another… should be a BLAST changing that over. But that’s for AFTER the wedding… for before, there are a few things that we have agreed on to do… until death do us part.


Also on his list is taking the dogs out when it’s cold/dark/rainy and also taking the trash out (I don’t do well with “smells”). I have solemnly sworn that I will do all future grocery shopping since he hates it with every ounce of his heart – especially since we go on Sundays and that’s the day of his Panthers (he’s so loyal!). I think it’s a pretty good agreement we’ve got worked out there…

What’s on your honey’s MUST-do  list? Any chores you’ve committed yourself to FOREVER?


Never too many white dresses!

Yesterday, I ordered the J. Crew Blakely dress thinking that it will be absolutely perfect for a rehearsal dinner dress! Maybe a little early for that part of the planning, but it as on sale and I’ve had my eye on it for a while! And even if I don’t wear it for the rehearsal dinner, I will wear it for a party/shower or something! Seriously… it’s too cute!

I also orderd a while tulle dress from Anthropologie that I thought would be perfect for the engagement party that my sweet, big brother is planning for me right now. I bet no one would have guessed when we were kids that we’d ever like each other enough to plan engagement parties and baby showers for one another.

Cousin Brandy’s wedding circa 1996/97

Maids of Dishonor

It’s been a long running joke with my friends to call each other our “Maids of Dishonor” but now that we’re actually getting married (still feels crazy to say!) we have to change that term to “Bridesmaids.”

It’s probably not hard to figure out who my bridesmaids are going to be. I’ve had the same “best friends” for most of my life. They are literally the best friends a girl could ask for and as cliche as it sounds… I can not talk to them for a month and pick up the phone and our conversation starts right where we left off before. It’s hard now that we’re all graduated and working and can’t spend half of our summers lounging on beaches together but it works and I have no doubt in my mind that we’ll always be best friends!

I put together fun little boxes for each of them, as a special way of asking them to be a part of my big day. I’m so excited to see the looks on their faces when they open them! And even more excited to have them by my side as I say “I do!” One has already received hers… so I know the answer there. Just 4 more to go!

Happy Monday!


A week ago, we spent the weekend combing through Crate & Barrel looking for things to register for. A knife block was probably the first thing that we agreed we wanted… fine China was a different story. We’ve been living together for 3 years now and have a lot of the things that we need in life. Our friends that got married this past summer used Honeyfund to allow guests to give money for larger gifts (like bedroom set and honeymoon). We really liked that idea so we’ve decided to create our own Honeyfund for our guests. Although we haven’t decided on our perfect honeymoon spot… we have a few in mind that would be oh-so-nice to go relax after our wedding. Honeyfund lets guests give as much or little money as they want and the money can come to us directly or be given to us at the wedding. Very convenient! Check out our site here!

Since we’ve been on the wedding scene A LOT over the past 3 years, I’ve seen some items on registries that have caught my eye. One in particular…

The KitchenAid Stand Mixer. Oh my! I can see myself whipping up lots of goodies for my husband over the many years we have to come. However, this isn’t an item that we’ve agreed is a “must-have” on our registry… and I’d much rather a new bedroom set or one of the many other things that we’d both like to have.

This knife block would be PERFECT in our kitchen! Love the color of the actual block… and the idea of having all matching knives! When my husband-to-be gets home from the Panther’s game today, we are going to sit down and figure out the rest of our items that we would like to have as we start our life together. Now that we have a date, we can actually register! So, so exciting!

What are the “must-have” items when registering? Anything we HAVE to put on the list?

Say yes to the dress!

Thursday afternoon, I went shopping with Michelle and Gean in search of a Watters gown that Gean and I had found online (loving that we can instant message pictures of wedding dresses back and forth at work)… so we made an appointment and off we went.

Both girls, myself + the stylist at the store helped pick out dresses based on my desires and I entered a dressing room full of beautiful white heaven. The first one was a perfectly lovely gown… and had the best price tag I’ve seen on a dress ($599 with 30% off!). Can’t beat that!

I really did LOVE this dress but I don’t think it fit the outdoor wedding scene and it was kind of hot (which not being hot in August in North Carolina is going to be tough-enough without be strapped into a hot dress for 8+ hours). The next dress was just “okay” and looking back at the pictures, it kind of had a funny cut to the neckline. Not a huge fan anymore… especially not for it’s price tag.

I did like that it was a little less poofy than some that I had tried on… but again, that neckline looks funny so we had to return it to the rack. The next one was “on sale” but still over $2k which was not exactly what I was looking to spend on a dress. It had a sweet lace detail on the bottom… but I didn’t really LOVE it on me…

The very last one I tried on was one the sales lady had chosen. And ladies and gentlemen, it is “THE ONE.” I didn’t believe that there was really a “moment” that you just knew when you were trying on dresses that you had found the one, but I so had that moment. I’m completely head-over-heels in love with this dress, I can’t wait to wear it down the aisle next August. My sweet husband-to-be will probably find me wearing it and posing in front of mirrors for years to come.

No turning back…

Y’all… this morning I put down our deposit for catering, tables/chairs and our venue…. and signed the contract!
It’s official… we are 100% getting married on August 17, 2013 at The Dairy Barn. Oh my. Dreams are starting to come true!!!

Ps… I found THE dress last night. (Big THANK YOU to Gean & Michelle for accompanying me to the shop and giving me their honest opinions. I am one very luck girl to have such amazing friends!) Now just have to let mom see it and seal the deal!

Kids, or no kids?

Calm down, we’re not debating on whether or not we will have children, just whether or not we will allow kids at our wedding. Family kids alone is adding about 15 people to the guest list (which is already over the amount of people we wanted to invite…. and without several people that we had hoped to be able to invite on that list)… tough decision. Let me show you why…

My sweet, sweet, adorable little cousins. Maddi & Addi are almost the same age and I literally adore those little girls. Addi is my mini-me and Maddi is… well… she realllly loves that Landon is going to be a part of the family. I love them to pieces and can’t imagine celebrating such a big day in my life without two people who have been such a big part of my life. Drew too… he’s Addi’s little brother and a very special little boy in my life. Then there’s this guy….
My nephew who is just too stinkin’ cute to leave out. I mean seriously… look at those eyes! I initially didn’t want babies there (because of crying during the ceremony) but again, I can’t imagine not having pictures of me holding this little man on the happiest day of my life.

I’ve seen weddings every which way… no kids, everyone’s kids, only family kids, only kids that were in the wedding, only allowed until a certain time…. it’s just such a hard decision. Who to cut out, who is a must-have… but it comes down to a number limit and budget, I think.

I should also point out that my fiance has quite a few kids on his side of the family (adorable kids) and I think he would regret it afterwards if they weren’t there… so even if we don’t have kids in the wedding (I’m thinking no flower girl or ring bearer – that’s why we have dogs!) … I do think I at least want family kids there.

What do y’all think? What’s the best way to approach this?