Back to the beginning

When I first started my wedding dress hunt, I fell head-over-heels for a J. Crew style but hated that I couldn’t go to a store and try it on. And in my period of debating, I missed out on the sizes that I could have worn in this dress, finding that only a size 12 was left to order when I finally made my decision to just order it and try it. (Thank God for 60 day return periods!).

So I continued my search far and wide… literally, I went to stores in Charlotte, Raleigh and Cary searching for THE dress. I couldn’t find anything like the J. Crew dress to even try… and I kept battling with myself over what I thought was “the one” at all the stores I went to. However, “the one” had a few things that I didn’t love about it… 1) it was see-thru and purchasing the liner for it added $50, 2) it had a corset back and I preferred a zipper – that added another $95, and 3) I could order it hollow-to-hem for $100 extra, or just order the closest size and pay for alterations. I ended up feeling like although there was a lot that I LOVED about that dress, there was more that I didn’t love… and part of that was the extra $250 I’d be spending to make changes on what was supposed to be the perfect dress.

On Saturday, J. Crew had a sale 25% off + free shipping. I bit the bullet and ordered the dress in the only size (10) they had left. And lucky me… I got one of the very last ones because now it’s no longer available on the site, period! I am dying for it to arrive and praying that it gives me that same feeling as the other dress (with less changes to make, of course!). And, what I really love about this is that I can return it to a store if it doesn’t fit… I don’t even have to ship it back, I mean how great is that?

So cross your fingers for me and the J. Crew dress! I’m hoping that we are a match made in heaven and “Dress” can be checked off my list.

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