Say yes to the dress!

Thursday afternoon, I went shopping with Michelle and Gean in search of a Watters gown that Gean and I had found online (loving that we can instant message pictures of wedding dresses back and forth at work)… so we made an appointment and off we went.

Both girls, myself + the stylist at the store helped pick out dresses based on my desires and I entered a dressing room full of beautiful white heaven. The first one was a perfectly lovely gown… and had the best price tag I’ve seen on a dress ($599 with 30% off!). Can’t beat that!

I really did LOVE this dress but I don’t think it fit the outdoor wedding scene and it was kind of hot (which not being hot in August in North Carolina is going to be tough-enough without be strapped into a hot dress for 8+ hours). The next dress was just “okay” and looking back at the pictures, it kind of had a funny cut to the neckline. Not a huge fan anymore… especially not for it’s price tag.

I did like that it was a little less poofy than some that I had tried on… but again, that neckline looks funny so we had to return it to the rack. The next one was “on sale” but still over $2k which was not exactly what I was looking to spend on a dress. It had a sweet lace detail on the bottom… but I didn’t really LOVE it on me…

The very last one I tried on was one the sales lady had chosen. And ladies and gentlemen, it is “THE ONE.” I didn’t believe that there was really a “moment” that you just knew when you were trying on dresses that you had found the one, but I so had that moment. I’m completely head-over-heels in love with this dress, I can’t wait to wear it down the aisle next August. My sweet husband-to-be will probably find me wearing it and posing in front of mirrors for years to come.

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