THE story!

My darling groom-to-be had been out of town all weekend but had left sweet love notes all over the house for me to find. There was a note by the door telling me to have a good weekend, a note inside my laptop telling me he loved me, a note on the fridge telling me to check inside…. and then a note on top of my very favorite ice cream (Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream from Earth Fare), a note on my pillow telling me goodnight, a note inside my shoe wishing me “good luck” on my 5-mile race, well, you get the picture… he covered all of his bases with the notes.

Sunday he came home and we had an early dinner as we both had homework to catch up on (not only do we both work full-time, we’re both in grad school!). I decided to take our sweet puppies for a run before I settled in to do some homework. While working diligently on whatever project it was that night, Landon came downstairs to convince my dog to come back upstairs with him.

Anyone who has met my dog, knows he doesn’t like to be away from his “mommy.” So the convincing took a little work but eventually he decided that he should follow Landon back upstairs only to come bounding back down the stairs seconds later with a blue note tied around his neck that said “Mommy” on the front. And then I heard “our song” come on the surround sound…. that’s when I knew.

Some sweet words were spoken, and a sparkly beauty was placed on my left hand and I became an engaged woman! YAY! Let the planning begin!

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